Since we last released Paproota Dub Compilation there have been some changes. To name the most essential ones, DJ Perfect Drug has joined crew, two bass scoop boxes have been built, and foremost we have started cooperation with even more dub specialists. We are not sure if this is an accident that all of those changes have brought us today to the releasing of Paproota Dub Compilation vol. 4, but we are sure that this release can be perceived as a yet another change, this time not just for us. If you are ready for the new, this album is especially for You!






We give You the latest EP of Polish-Normand producer Yayoland, “Liqweed Network”. A heavy bass and captivating pads are just a taste of what can take You far away. The “Liqweed Network” EP was released together with the French netlabel Marée BASS Productions.





PAP015 Gradu Minimo – Powieści Dubowe TOM I

There is a shadow, and in it there is a Sound resting.
It opens the eyes, stretches, and emerges from darkness. It sets off. At Its own tempo, undistorted, pure It is willing to reach this one and only place, where It finds Its goal. A place examined by many, but cured by few. There is a drum playing, which accepts the Sound and Its kinsmen – other sounds, and with its percusion artistry it feeds all the senses. Suddenly, the Sound is gone, but just for a while, to make space for other Sounds which will continue to play forever.





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