PAP015 Gradu Minimo – Powieści Dubowe TOM I

There is a shadow, and in it there is a Sound resting.
It opens the eyes, stretches, and emerges from darkness. It sets off. At Its own tempo, undistorted, pure It is willing to reach this one and only place, where It finds Its goal. A place examined by many, but cured by few. There is a drum playing, which accepts the Sound and Its kinsmen – other sounds, and with its percusion artistry it feeds all the senses. Suddenly, the Sound is gone, but just for a while, to make space for other Sounds which will continue to play forever.






DuBoLoGy (dub – a technique of creating sounds + Greek: λογος, logos, „study”) – is a field of science that examines the reactions of human body, on the psychological as well as the physical level, to low-frequency sound waves and the space surrounding them. The lecture by a French dubologist presented here, which consists of eleven parts, touches upon current affairs, referring to the results of up-to-now achievements, eventually it suggests solutions which look far ahead to the future. This lecture titled “Yellow Dub” is crucial to the development of dubology, hence it is dedicated to all enthusiasts, examiners, and experts of this scientific branch. You’re welcome to ponder over it!






Along with the beginning of the colder year season we are coming to You with an album that should keep us all safe and sound in this tough period, and should also prevent us from losing the thread of reality. In order not to lose the sight of set goals, we introduce to You “Trip In Dub” prepared by a French dub producer Rakoon, whose 9 tracks are heading in a certain direction, which one, you can check yourselves!
P.S. Let it bring only happiness to you all!





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