Along with the beginning of the colder year season we are coming to You with an album that should keep us all safe and sound in this tough period, and should also prevent us from losing the thread of reality. In order not to lose the sight of set goals, we introduce to You “Trip In Dub” prepared by a French dub producer Rakoon, whose 9 tracks are heading in a certain direction, which one, you can check yourselves!
P.S. Let it bring only happiness to you all!


Flash required

DOWNLOAD PAP_013 Rakoon – Trip In Dub

(.rar file, MP3 high quality, 66.1 MB)
DOWNLOAD PAP_013 Rakoon – Trip In Dub

(.rar file, FLAC high quality, 189 MB)




Creative Commons
Trip In Dub by Rakoon is licesned under Creative Commons 3.0 PL


  1. Mmad23

    3 May, 2015

    Thank you for this.

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