PAP017 Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 4



Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 4

Since we last released Paproota Dub Compilation there have been some changes. To name the most essential ones, DJ Perfect Drug has joined crew, two bass scoop boxes have been built, and foremost we have started cooperation with even more dub specialists. We are not sure if this is an accident that all of those changes have brought us today to the releasing of Paproota Dub Compilation vol. 4, but we are sure that this release can be perceived as a yet another change, this time not just for us. If you are ready for the new, this album is especially for You!


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DOWNLOAD PAP017 Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 4
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Creative Commons
Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 4 is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 International Licenses.


  1. julien

    21 March, 2015

    thank you paproota !

  2. julien

    21 March, 2015

    thank you paproota ! big sound

  3. Avago Rowe

    22 March, 2015

    Much Respect & Blessings On Your Top Works & Kindness, May Jah Guide & Protect You Always…..

  4. romain

    20 April, 2015

    jah bless

  5. romain

    20 April, 2015

    merci beaucoup pour tout les sons

  6. dubalizer

    1 May, 2015

    big up paproota!!!

  7. Echochamber 21.05.2015 | saetches blog

    22 May, 2015

    […] hab ich mir die “Dubcompilation Vol.4” des polnischen Labels Paproota endlich mal vorgenommen. Die liegt jetzt schon einige Zeit […]

  8. Alchemist_sc

    14 July, 2015

    Hi, thanks for these wonderful tracks! Is there a way to get a FLAC or WAV version? It’s a shame to have a lossy format when playing these sounds on a big system!


  9. Rasanton

    2 June, 2016

    Thank’s for this nice DUB’S Sound!!!Greeting’s from Austria!TON

  10. fabian starr

    27 June, 2020

    keep the dub flowing

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