PAP020 Jabbadub & RaZtaMama – X



Nomat'X Dub - System Fall Down

Ladies and Gentlemen, here before you is the newest album by Jabbadub titled “X”. Still tons of DUB obviously, but even more obvious is the fact that this one tastes different than previous releases of the band. This one is quite personal, which makes us want to share it with you even more, with texts written by Raz Ta Mama and Mr. Borecki, but above all, with music carved by Dino Dub Selektor, which you most definitely are going to hum. All the ingredients smell nice with each other and the sound of the whole material is just right. Surely dancefloors will be shaken by the beat and bass, so download it!


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X by Jabbadub & RaZtaMama is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License.


  1. tomasz

    23 December, 2016

    what more

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