PAP024 PAPROOTA DUB COMPILATION VOL.5 presents the next part of the international release Paproota Dub Compilation. It contains arranged into two sub-albums 24 tracks produced by 35 cooperating artists. From its first sounds until the last one, easy to be felt there is a monolithic project binding original productions with their characteristic styles. Because of its multiplicity, the statement that it completely represents the current directions in dub music is fully justified. Traditionally it is available for free in lossless quality on digital media. You are welcome!


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DOWNLOAD PAP024 Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 5

(.rar file, MP3 320 kbps, 239 MB)
DOWNLOAD PAP024 Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 5

(.rar file, WAV high quality, 816 MB)




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  1. Tom Bauminista

    30 May, 2017

    dubbin’ forward !!!

  2. Jack Burton

    13 July, 2017

    Nice tunes

  3. Jack Burton

    18 July, 2017

    really good songs

  4. Cesar pinacho

    1 September, 2017

    Infinitas gracia

  5. dubalizer

    6 October, 2017

    wow bredda give thanx a lot, amazing dub tunes

  6. Jean-Paul Dub

    21 September, 2018

    LOVE ;-)

  7. BusiDub

    6 October, 2020


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