After over a year of researching, collecting and listening to music, new ways and ideas for making it sparked and evolved into what is now called ‘Now’ EP. Each of the 5 tracks is based on different, unique nuances, but all derive from the same bass root, making the whole release coherent and varied at the same time. Because the process of its creation was very much enjoyable, let’s hope that the reception would be at least so, too!


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DOWNLOAD PAP027 Dusza – Now

(.rar file, MP3 320 kbps, 42,8 MB)
DOWNLOAD PAP027 Dusza – Now

(.rar file, WAV high quality, 151 MB)




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  1. jonatan

    21 June, 2018

    muchas gracias y saludos desde mexico. big up papproota

  2. Didier Baguet

    12 February, 2019

    Thanks Paproota for the good vibes.
    Great sound

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